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Arthur’s Adventure’s - all began shifting around

After selling my car I owned for 3 years and 5 months, donating all my clothes I no longer needed and that didn't fit me. Then packing up my left over items into a few bags for this exciting adventure.

Now I'm not saying everyone should move city, leave your family and your job. My point is over the years the smaller changes began taking place like what I valued, what made me happy, who I want to become, what I wanted to achieve and so on all began shifting around.

When I was younger I always thought the more successful I became the less I'd have to worry about change, pain, loss, discomfort, risk, uncertainty all these things. I'd be comfortable and happy with no worries at all.

Over the years my fear of all these things I listed above weren't so scary as I thought, I began realising that we can't stop the inevitable.

They all depend on the opposites, change is the catalyst for growth, progress and evolution. Pain & Loss reminds us of what we do have and makes us appreciate the memories we make and the lessons we take.

Beyond discomfort there is your potential unlimited and waiting to be reached. Risk is the bottom of the stair case and reward is the top, and uncertainty is a empty book on the shelf holding all the possibilities to become number one best seller.

What I'm saying is change Isn't a bad thing, it may seem like it for a short while,. but soon enough change becomes an opportunity, something we should look forward to instead of dreading it.

It's part of us. Always constant and doesn't happen to us, it happens for us

Thank you so much for your support it means the world and more

Sincerely Sam Arthur

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